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Welcome to Family 2 Family Tutorial Math Club!

Our Math Club Enrichment program consist of a series of half-an-hour  class meeting. Each meeting presents an engaging activity that enriches the student's mathematical experience, while teaching and exercising basic math skills. The topics in each session will focus on a particular strand of math for grade levels  for students in grades K-12th grade. Size is limited so that the instructor is able to support every student and give them the opportunity to explore, enjoy, and understand each fun mathematics concepts.


We strive to establish a positive environment where students help each other learn new concepts and increase their knowledge, accuracy, and speed of problem solving. We also hope to share our love of math with other students in the community.


Our Mission: Our goal is to provide a positive environment to develop mathematical skills while improving problem solving techniques and accuracy in an enjoyable manner. Through working in individual and group settings, we strive to prepare our members to be stronger math students. We want to encourage working well as a team while also excelling as an individual.



Our curriculum goes beyond what is covered in district math classes and is meant to complement and not just repeat what is learned in class. Therefore we encourage students to meet with their teachers during tutorial after school to reinforce concepts they learned in class. Since we build on knowledge that goes beyond the classroom, it is critical that members make sure they understand basic math concepts that they have been taught.


For more information on our Math Club and how your child can become a member,  please contact us either via email at or contact the center at (404) 829-2702