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"Rising Stars..."

"Where Every Child is a Star..."

Rising Stars is a Reading and Math Program whose mission is to help students K-5th grade; develop a love  

and interest for reading and math in an interactive, fun and interesting way. Family 2 Family is a strong

believer in promoting literacy awareness and strong mathematical skills in young children. We feel that

reading and math skills are the most important skill young children acquire in school.  Therefore, Family 2

Family tutors are here to make  sure that every child is a  rising star in reading and math.

Our schedule: 

Rising Stars meet every Saturday except for the last Saturday in the month. We meet from 11:00am-2:30pm 

Each Saturday the Director will have a layout of concepts that your child will cover. However, if you feel as

though your child need to cover a certain concepts in either Reading or Math please bring that to our


Program Cost:

Please contact the center for the cost of the program.  

How to get started:
Parent must register student at least a week before class: (Slots are limited per grade level; so contact us

ASAP) Parents can download the registration forms below. Forms can be completed and emailed back to us; or

parents can print these forms and bring them on the  student's first day. Please make sure you also download

and read the program policy and procedures.

Family Packages/Hours
After School Program
Rising Stars Reading and Math Program
Enrichment Classes

Click The Below Links To Print The Forms

Contact the center for more information about  The Rising Stars Reading and Math Program: 404-981-7726