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Please contact Family 2 Family for an individualized rate plan.

Pre-Assessment and Consultation: FREE and offered prior to the first tutoring session.

Discounts: We offer 10% discounts for referrals, and multiple children discount. 

Payment: Payment is due prior to the start of all tutoring sessions. We do offer a parents a payment plan if needed. Please inquire. 

Sessions: Performed at the tutoring center located in Riverdale. 

We have two methods of payment for your convenience:

1.) You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover on our

website through PayPal (which is located to the right of this page).  You do not

need a personal PayPal account to use this payment option. Where it asks for a

description of the payment, please enter the student’s name, city, and number

of sessions you are paying for.

2.) Money Order – You may pay via money order. Make your money orders 

payable to "Family 2 Family Learning Center".

Session Cancellation:

We are very flexible and more than willing to work within your schedule. If for

any reason you are unable to engage in a tutoring appointment, let our office

know 24 hours in advance so that we can reschedule the tutoring session. You

will be billed a cancellation fee of $25.00; if we did not receive a 24 hour

advance cancellation notice.  

Please do not use our e-mail address for cancellations/rescheduling