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Reading Rocks!!



Reading Rocks Program is a program whose mission is to help students K-5th grade develop a love and interest for reading in a interactive, fun and interesting way. Family 2 Family is a strong believer in promoting literacy awareness in young children. We feel as that reading is the most important skill young children acquire in school.  

Our Reading Rocks Program is operated by a staff of dedicated tutors, who work under the leadership of the director. The program is offered to students on Saturday's and the program only allows 10 students per grade level. 

Our goal is to provide all students with the following:

Increased Reading Ability: It's very important that your child be able to read well in order to do well in school, get ahead in a career, and function well in everyday life. Reading is a skill that people need every single day so putting your child in a foundational reading program that can give your child the tools to read better and understand more of what he or she reads can be a great way to prepare your child for the future.


Increased Confidence: When your child feels more confident reading and using language your child will be a lot more confident in school, in activities, and in all the other areas of life.


Ultimately Better Grades: An education is important and no matter how smart your child is, if he or she can't read well then they won't do well in school. Your child could end up being left back or could be singled out and put in special remedial programs that would embarrass the child.

Thank you for your interest in our Reading Rocks Program. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to promote literacy awareness in young children. We truly believe that our program will be an excellent way

for children to become life long readers.



For more information about our program please give us a call.