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“Helping students achieve their scholastic potential”


The PASS-IT-ON-PROGRAM offers tutors to children who are falling behind their grade level in school in the area of Mathematics and Reading. The program was created to give back to underprivileged or lower-income families that may not be able to otherwise afford tutorial assistance. Family 2 Family Tutorial will assess each student to determine student’s eligibility; as well as to determine their current strengths and weaknesses in the subject areas of Mathematics or Reading.  Each student will then be assigned to a qualifying tutor that can offer them the help that they need to achieve academic success.


Who can benefits from the program?


We offer our assistance to all children from first grade through high school.


      A.   The student MUST have a falling grade in the subject matter that they wish to receive assistance in. Proper documentation will need to be provided (i.e. , progress report/report card, letter of recommendation from teacher )


      B.   The student MUST be able to commit to attending every tutoring session assigned.


      C.   The parental income IS NOT TO EXCEED the maximum income bracket allowed for your family size. Income will be verified by supporting documentation and must be available during the time of application submission.  To receive more information about qualifying income, please contact the tutoring center. 

        D.  Must be a legal U.S. Citizen.  Verifiable identification will be examined during the time of your application,