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Client Testimonials

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. Some of our clients would like to share their experience with other students an parents that is looking for a great tutoring company

"Both of my daughters have attended Family 2 Family Tutorial in the past year and their grades have dramatically improved. One of my daughters actually failed 6th grade math and, after tutoring all summer, she earned a B in 7th grade." Their tutor, Ms. Nettia, was very good. She covered the material that my daughter had difficulty with in the 6th grade, as well covering material with her that she would see in the 7th grade.  She was very patient and understanding with the girls.
 Karen G~ Gainesville Ga

We found out that our son was failing math and the teacher recommended that we seek additional help.  We were referred to Family 2 Family by a family friend whose daughter was receiving tutorial services from them.  We contacted the company and the tutor coordinator was very helpful in explaining the whole procedure as we were unfamiliar with the process. In a nut shell, we were very impressed with the company as a whole. Christian's tutor was very accommodating and supportive in spite of my son's struggle in Math. I wish we got him help earlier.Angela~Christian's Mom

“Adrienne was always on time.  She was very organized and patient.  She offered encouragement, as well as instruction.  She always followed up with quizzes and drills to make sure that our daughter understood the concepts. 
C. Jones, Henry County