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Rising Stars

"Rising Stars..."

"Where every child is a Star..."

Rising Stars is a Reading and Math Program whose mission is to help students K-4th grade; develop a love   and interest for reading and math in an interactive, fun and interesting way. Family 2 Family is a strong believer in promoting literacy awareness in young children. We feel as that reading and math skills are the most important skill young children acquire in school.  Therefore, Family 2 Family tutors are here to make  sure that every child is prepared. 

General Information:

Parent must register student at least a week before class

Sessions are held every other Saturday from: 11:00am-2:00pm

Subjects Covered: Reading, Math, and Writing

Sessions Start on March 17th 2012 and continue through out the school year and summer 

(Slots are limited contact us ASAP)

Membership is FREE; however parents will be responsible for paying monthly dues to help cover the cost of materials, lunch, and snacks.

Dues: Contact the center for fee. 

For more information about our program please give us a call at: (404) 981-7726